Our 2022 team at the North Star Regional

A Little Bit About Our Team

Our team's rookie year was 2017 during the STEAMWORKS game, with our new team full of all members new to the FRC program we accomplished both the highest rookie seed as well as the rookie inspiration award, going on to compete in the MSHSL state competition for the first time.
In between of our rookie year and the year just before INFINITE RECHARGE at home we may not have accomplished much but it was a time for our team to grow and learn more about FRC and FIRST in general.

During the 2020-2021 season INFINITE RECHARGE our team started working on the robot we would end up using during the 2021 INFINITE RECHARGE at home, with this robot we won the MSHSL state competition after our second time being there.
This past year of FRC, 2022, RAPID REACT, our team got competed in the North Star regional and won winning us a ticket to both the worlds competition in Houston and our fourth appearance at state.

During the 2023 season, Charged Up, our team participated in the Minnesota North Star Regional at Lacrosse, I know, a mouthful. We unfortunately did not place for either state or worlds, but are excited for the next coming year.

Team 6749 is excited to participate in the 2024 FRC season, Crescendo! We are currently planning on attending an out of state regional in North Dakota. We are excited to be able to meet new teams and show off our robotics skill!
Our team may be on its 6th year (as of 2022) but we are barely getting started, with seeing growth in both our team size and accomplishments we are very excited to see where our team is going in these next couple years!
Read more about our 2022 season!

In addition to doing FRC, our team captain and co-captains are working on helping out our middle school's FTC teams in getting them started on the path of STEAM! We are excited to help our middle schoolers in the design and build process and taking them to competition so they can truly experience FIRST.

Contact us with any question!

Send any emails to terabytes6749@gmail.com

Our schools address is 11111 Bren rd W, Minnetonka MN 55343.  
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