The Blue Screen Of Death

The Blue Screen Of Death

Our 2022 Robot named The Blue Screen Of Death was made with help from every member of our team, with a team of only 10 members, 7 of which being rookie members, we barely finished our robot, got sponsors and made our artificial game piece in time. 

Our 2022 Season

With our team of 10 members we barely had the people to put to work on the robot. We had a total of 2 people programming, 2 working electrical, about 4 or 5 on mechanical, 1 on business, and of course our safety captain...that we didn't know we needed until the competition started.

Even though we had such a small team and weren't able to put in all the work we could have wanted, we can all say we are proud of the robot we made and brought to competition, and boy did we bring it to competitions.

We first brought our robot to a week zero which we did our best but having the unprepared robot that we did we did not perform very well, but after that we learned and focused on what we needed to fix and by the time of our regional competition we were a lot more confident than at week zero.  

Our practice matches did not go very well due to the fact that our rookie team did not know very well of how to strategize with other teams and we barely had any driving practice besides the week zero. But by the time the qualifiers came around, we were ready to strategize and get our robot on the field, throughout the qualifiers up until before our last match we weren't scoring many shots and we were not gaining much attention to our team for that, but conversely our climbing was reaching the top run almost every single match and by our last match we were set to be the top climber of our regional. However during our last match we got knocked off the bar and took a fall that broke our only shooter hood we had, with the help of many other teams we quickly scrambled together to fix up our robot before alliance selection.

During the alliance selection, due to the fall we had taken we did not expect to get selected because we didn't really have anything going for us, we did not get our first in climbing, we were not scoring much, and our defense was not very consistent or reliable. But to our surprise a team picked us as their third alliance partner, we immediately got to strategizing and we constructed a plan we would use for every one of our quarterfinal, semi-final, final, and final tiebreaker match. Our robot focused on trying to defend as much as possible while also scoring the occasional shot if possible, but ensuring that we get our climb in the end. We won our quarterfinals with a tiebreaker, the semi-finals in two matches, and the finals in the tiebreaker, our win at the regional bought us our ticket to worlds in Houston, and our teams fourth state tournament...neither of which we did exceptionally well at. But our team was super thrilled to win our regional competition and go to both state and worlds even though we did not perform very well at either of the last two.
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